How to Maintain Work-life Balance During Covid?

How to Maintain Work-life Balance During Covid

With the outbreak of the covid pandemic, a lot of working ways changed. A lot of people switched to work from home to keep themselves safe. Major IT companies have also given their employees an option of permanent work from home

While people have been very adaptive to the new working norms with virtual meetings and presentations, the WFH culture also has downsides. 

A survey with some employees revealed that even though their jobs have been WFH, employees were devoting more work hours than they usually did in the normal working days. The time which they usually took to travel to the office is now devoted to the office hours. 


Employees are finding it hard to maintain a work-life balance. Previously, people worked when they were in the office, but with WFH, they are on call for longer hours, and meetings go on regardless of the timings. 


Here in the blog, we write some tips to maintain a healthy work-life balance


1) Start early 

Many employees start their work late in the WFH hours. This has also led to working late at night. Starting work early will help balance both personal and professional life better.


2) Separate work and leisure areas.

When working from home, make sure you do not work from your bedroom or leisure space. Make a designated work area and be mindful of the posture you are working in. Good posture is very important to stay energetic while WFH.


3) Take breaks

Taking short breaks to drink water and walking around for a bit relaxes the mind and reduces some amount of work stress. Working for long hours without any breaks can lead to less productivity at work.


4) Have set office hours

It is important to understand that there is more to life than just working. Work hard during office hours but also have a set time to get off work regardless of office or home. Devote your time to your hobbies and your family.


The pandemic has disrupted the normal working ways for most of the offices. Although people have adjusted to WFH culture, they miss the office work environment. To get things back to normal innovation is needed. At this time when the coronavirus strain is constantly mutating, social distancing and contact tracing procedures also need to be tightened. 


Hvantage brings a unique solution to manage and tackle the social distancing and contact tracing problem. Introducing “H-guard” -  It is a wearable device connected via Bluetooth to your mobile phones. It helps in contact tracing, maintaining and monitoring social distancing, and supports in stopping community spread.


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