Why is technology requiring right away dealing with rising COVID-19 cases?

Why is technology requiring right away dealing with rising COVID-19 cases

In September 2020, the number of infected patients from the virus crossed over 6 million and globally figure is 33.3 million. Many experts believe that this is the second wave of the Covid-19. As the process of unlocking began the government is cautiously removing the restrictions, people are resuming their work once again to get back livelihood on the track. 

The local authorities have issued strict regulation regarding social distancing, still the number of cases up surging because we are failing in maintaining the social distance at public places. We are lacking in self-discipline. For authorities, it is extremely hard to keep watch on millions of people at the same time and do accurate contact tracing to keep transparency. 

Why Technology?

We all know the fact that the accuracy we get by the usage of technology is much higher as compared to manual working. It has always been part of human evolution. Even though technology can not eliminate the pandemic, it can surely be helpful to control the transmission of the virus to a great extent and lessens its impact on our lifestyle.

Today with the support of advanced technological development that includes Smartphone, Cloud, and Artificial intelligence, we can find our way out of this pandemic. 

How will technology help to reduce the risks of transmission?

Technology can be helpful in various ways, explained as follow:

  • By aiding researchers to find drugs – Needless to say, we all are eagerly waiting for the vaccine. At present, many researchers and doctors across the sphere are toiling to find the vaccine for this pandemic. Technology has been aiding all these researchers to find required drugs that are making their work easy to a certain level and is making the process quick. Either for the components of vaccine and running trials of it, technology is aiding in every process for the formulation of the vaccine.


  • Encouraging contactless movement – Contact less movement, means social distancing. With the support of technology, it is possible to maintain social distancing. Solutions like “H-Guard” prevent people from violating social distancing norms by alerting them as soon as they come into contact with other people. In addition to this, many restaurants and resorts across the world are now using robots to serve their customers, restricting people to come in close contact with each other.


  • To monitor people – The government and local authorities are utilizing technology in the form of CCTV cameras that can check the temperature and through drones to keep watch on people. Technology has made monitoring easy for the local authorities as they don’t have to appoint officials at every street to discourage the breaking of social distancing norms and are taking strict action against the people who are not adhering to norms.


  • Increasing transparency - During the pandemic, technology is very supportive to keep people updated about their surroundings. Applications like Microsoft Bing launched to provide news diseases related news to the people. With the help of technology, the government and the international organizations are able to curb down the fake news. In the prevailing circumstances, it is crucial to maintain transparency and, with the help of technology, it is possible.


  • Supports tracking and tracing – For steering the infection due to the transmission of the virus, tracking and tracing is instrumental and technology can help us in both. With the help of technology, we can easily track the people who came in contact with the infected person and can trace them and their family to make sure that medical treatment provided them timely. Technology can also identify the people who came out despite being in the quarantine period and strict action can be taken against such people.


The global pandemic today is the biggest health risk we have ever come across in the last few decades. From top leader to commoner, this medical emergency has clutched everyone under its grip. 

From the fear of the pandemic, we can’t stay confined in our home forever; we need to get out to work, to earn our livelihood. However, till the time we don’t get a vaccine, we must utilize technology to protect ourselves from this pandemic.

Hvantage Technologies understand the problem and we work towards finding the way, hence we came up with the social distancing solution “H-Guard”.


 “H-Guard” safeguards your health and safety by maintaining & monitoring social distancing and records the contacts to do proper contact tracing at your workplace. It is a wearable device connected to your phone via Bluetooth. The primary objectives of “H-Guard” are:


  • Monitoring and Maintain Social Distancing.

  • Contact Traceability 

  • To Control Community Spread.


 Significant features of “H-Guard” are:


  • App-Based Monitoring

  • Real-Time Alert

  • Alert History Reports

  • Contact Traceability 


 H-Guard can be worn as ID-Cards, wristbands and tags and, there is no need to carry other stuff at all; making it easy for you to wear and safeguard your health.


A perfect way to face the second wave while focusing on business activities!!

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