5 Reasons why manufacturing and construction industries need employees back at the workplace

Now it has been over six months since the wave of global pandemic hit across the globe. Lockdown ceased all the on-field business activities, causing industries like manufacturing, constructing, agriculture and many more to stop complete operations. Unlike IT industries, these industries cannot carry out core operational activities from home. Although, during a lockdown, some of the manufacturing and agricultural industries had been operating intending to maintain a regular supply of essential commodities; not for core business purposes.

Currently, the government around the sphere has been uplifting lockdown cautiously, permitting manufacturing and construction to resume their operations. Yet, there are strict guidelines and norms regarding social distancing and contact tracing which is absolutely necessary; but due to the limit on the number of people, industries are facing hardship concerning scheduling and execution of plans. The root cause for this matter is employees are scattered and with less number of labourers it's not possible to manufacture enough quantities to meet demand.


Reasons why manufacturing and construction industries need an employees

Industries have been already dealing with financial and organizational stability and inadequacy of employees at the workforce, affecting the business adversely.

  • Resume production or construction activities unerringly –After the lockdown, industries are looking forward to complete all the delayed work to balance variable and fixed cost. But, the issue is the scarcity of labourers for two reasons: first, some labourers had gone back to their native place and secondly, there is a restriction on the number of people. Either you carry out activities or not, you will have to pay the fixed cost. Meaning, it doesn’t matter how many labourers are working, industries have to bear all these costs and, in turn, they are not getting standard returns causing a variance in cash balances and reserves and affecting their financial liquidity.

  • Quick implementation of revised strategies – Since the pandemic hit, the global economy is facing a recession, in fact, even the real economy is not stabilized. In the February stock market crash had caused a rapid downfall in the prices of shares. Due to all these ongoing conditions many industries are struggling to operate, hence, they have made new plans and strategies. But, to implement these plans effectively, the workforce is needed together at one place to avoid miscommunication and redundant interruptions and to ensure the coordination among them, for increasing the probability of anticipated consequences. At home, employees lack active communication and coordination and that is not good, especially in the prevailing conditions. 

  • To enhance the efficiency of employees – For the first two-three months, work from home appeared relaxing and, the productivity of employees was also increasing. But gradually, it started taking a toll on their enthusiasm due to the absence of office culture, generating a feeling of isolation. Also, it is a psychological fact that the office atmosphere creates a sense of healthy competition and support among employees. While in work from home, employees may feel fatigued over constant video calls. Furthermore, at office superiors able to guide their subordinates immediately and regular round table discussion among team members leads to an exchange of thoughts contributing to the development of employees.

  • To assure the smooth flow of performance – At present, industries are facing adverse situations because the economy is in recession, the purchasing power of consumers is low affecting the organizational structure of industries. Industries are continuously striving hard to get back their business on track by implementing revised policies. And to execute it effectively and for assuring the smooth flow of performance across all the verticals, coordination, uninterrupted flow of communication and active involvement of each and every employee is much required to achieve the set objectives for the resurgence of industries. 

  • For re-establishing the integrity of organization– It’s been a long time since the employees from all the industries are working from home individually. And to a certain extent, their productivity had also been increasing. But at the same time efficiency of employees as a team is somewhere deteriorating. Also, there are some drawbacks of work from homes such as frequent overlooking of activities and inert growth of employees. But, the prime thing is, less confidentiality as it may possible that the internet connection, employees are using is not as much secure as that of companies. Thus, to re-establish the integrity of organization industries are looking forward to having a workforce back.

Naturally, the core operations of manufacturing and construction industries have been affecting. Still, the safety of the workforce is top-priority and to ensure this government has issued strict guidelines and regulations. Hence, industries are compelled to work with inadequate employees. Industries need a way out of it to ensure the safety of employees as well as carry out the operations with the entire workforce smoothly.

Hvantage Technologies comprehends the need for industries as well as the concern for employees and workers’ health and safety and, we come up with the solution “H-Guard”

“H-Guard” safeguards your health and safety by maintaining & monitoring social distancing and records the contacts to do proper contact tracing at your workplace. It is a wearable device connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

The primary objectives of “H-Guard” are:

  • Monitoring and Maintain Social Distancing.

  • Contact Traceability 

  • To Control Community Spread.


The significant features of “H-Guard” are:

  • App-Based Monitoring

  • Real-Time Alert

  • Alert History Reports

  • Contact Traceability 

Industries can take this solution to ensure the safety of the workforce while focusing on the revival process of business. It is a cost-effective solution.



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